Fernando García

PROTECMA Energía y Medio Ambiente, SL

Booklet with best practices examples

Best Practice

Learn from the best!

Knowledge generation through practical experience

Best practice examples for sustainable organic biogas production on organic farms in the different European countries will be presented. Their beneficial impact on environment, society and sustainability will be systematically described.

The selection of Best practice examples will be structures in the following way.

Project partners elaborate together criteria, which shall be followed by each partner in order to select best practice examples in their countries. By this means the partners will decide “what is a best case example”. The best cases to be selected will contain a homogeneous structure and information.

Criteria will be

  • sustainability of the plant,
  • its financial viability,
  • its impact on the farm, on the region, and
  • its replicability

These criteria and others to be defined by the project consortium shall be brought down to several indicators, and will be then set into a final guide for the partners.

According the guide, partners will search in a systematic way for the best cases.

The aim is that all partners select appropriate examples. In particular we expect many examples from Germany, a country with a large biogas plant density. Rough data of the selected examples will be checked for their “eligibility” as best case projects. In sum 10 Best Practice examples will be identified.

After selecting the best case examples a template for presenting the best practice examples will be elaborated. The aim is that the examples are presented in a clear way, in order that they are understandable and comparable to the general public who will have access to them. All examples will be presented in an electronic booklet.