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Materials from Biofach workshop

Presentations from the Biofach workshop of the 14th February 2014:

• High Performance Biogas Plant (HPTC) appropriate technology for biomass/ waste treatment to produce biogas, heat and electricity for productive use. Here!

•Decision criteria for organic biogas installations on organic farms. Here!

•Biogas Production on an Organic Farm. Here!


Report from the final live webinar

Presentations from the webinar: BG - DE - DK - EN- ES - PL

Workshop; Online Trainings & Webinars

Get ready for implementation!

Targeted knowledge transfer via training

Targeted transfer of knowledge generated, collected and concentrated in the progress of the project to the target groups is a main task of SUSTAINGAS. Training for organic farmers and their representatives, biogas consultants and associations, green energy companies and interested consumers is offered free of charge.

So far several training opportunities in all of the partner countries of the SUSTAINGAS project have been conducted: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Poland.


Starting from October 2013 Live-Webinars have been offered to an interested target group in each of the partner languages: 2 x in English, 2 x in German, 1 x in Spanish, 1 x in Polish, 1 x in Bulgarian, 1 x Danish. The Webinar consisted of a presentation and a lively discussion at the end of each course among the project partners and the participants. The presentation informed the listeners about the market for sustainable organic biogas production in the respective country, gave an introduction about the functionality of biogas production, potential substrates and technical processes and presented country-specific best practice examples.

Don´t miss your last opportunity to learn more about biogas production in organic farming through the SUSTAINGAS project, its tasks and project results at our final round of Live-Webinars in your language. The live webinars will be accessible by standard software without any additional installations. Interested participants will be offered the possibility to get further consultation from the SUSTAINGAS consortium and to participate in the on-line training module and further SUSTAINGAS events.

The Webinar dates will soon be announced. For further information please contact Katharina Hartmann,

 Regional Workshops

During the 2-day SUSTAINGAS Workshops several stakeholders from organic farming, biogas plant planning and manufacturing as well as green energy companies had the chance to receive a deeper insight into SUSTAINGAS and gain in-depth information on the realization of a biogas plant and its impact on organic farming processes.

The main topics of the workshops were technical, economic and sustainability aspects of biogas production in organic farming, presentation of best practice examples and concrete guidance for project development and implementation steps, based on the findings in the progress of the project. Not only did the SUSTAINGAS partners speak about the results of the project, there also were organic farmers running a biogas plant invited to talk about their gained knowledge and discuss and exchange experiences with the audience. Furthermore biogas plant providers were able to speak about the technical implementation of organic biogas plants. The workshops were characterized by interesting discussions and vivid interaction among the different participants. After the evaluation of the workshop an overall positive feedback remained from the participants, concluding interesting days for both lecturers and participants.

Each country was host to one workshop, conducted between November 2013 until March 2014.

On-line training module:

Based on the handbook for best practice in biogas production in organic farming, an online training module will be developed. The target group consists of organic farmers, their representatives, biogas consultants and associations, green electricity companies and interested consumers. The online module will be provided in English, German, Danish, Polish, Spanish and Bulgarian and will be structured in consecutive sections with a set of multiple choice questions for learning control finalizing each section. The course is available to all participants to your convenience (24/7) and you can access the platform according to your own time schedule. The online training module does not require a certain amount of time, it is designed for your own information and individual capacity building.

We would like to invite you to participate in the SUSTAINGAS Online Training Module, which will run for three months, starting from the 13th of October 2014. Additionally, participants can discuss questions and topics in an online discussion forum and can submit questions to the lecturers in their local language. Please register here. We are happy to provide you with more information through